Dr. Todd Gewant



Dr. Todd Gewant, Author/Educator has been writing poetry since age 13. Growing up on the border of New York City and New Jersey, Dr. Todd experienced various forms of direct discrimination, intolerance, and bullying during his childhood. He discovered that poetry was the most constructive and positive way to deal with these ugly youthful encounters. Dr. Todd found that in writing and publishing What I Wish I Was Told, he was able to communicate with kids and adults about these sensitive topics. Being invited to schools and social organizations to read from the book and share his understanding of the true values of diversity, Dr. Todd realized how poetry could be a powerful tool for learning. From his visits to schools, interacting with students, and consulting with teachers and principals, he was able to develop a core curriculum on these topics. Dr. Todd Gewant is also a chiropractor, and for the past 16 years has maintained offices in Santa Monica, Ca.